Alaska updates rules on marijuana ads & samples

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Nancy Dahlstrom, Alaska’s governor, just signed off on new regulations that will allow marijuana businesses to distribute free samples at the retail level & will allow businesses to advertise their products more freely.

Changes to these laws will go into effect on October 10, 2023 exactly one month after the Gov. Dahlstrom signed off approving of these changes.

The new regulations:

  • Remove restrictions on the number, placement and size of signs for marijuana businesses and make those signs subject to local laws.
  • Allow marijuana advertisements on buses, bus shelters and college campuses, while maintaining some other restrictions on where ads can be placed.
  • Enable cannabis stores to offer free samples.

These changes, once implemented, will allow cannabis brands to advertise their brand anywhere that isn’t explicitly prohibited at the state and local level. This could have significant impacts on businesses exposure by allowing advertising on buses, bus shelters, & at college campuses.

Cannabis retailers and brands will be looking to the local ordinances to ensure they adhere to specific rules and regulations. Alaska will continue its ban on advertising on billboards throughout the state.

For more information regarding changes to Alaska’s regulation text, please see copy of signed memorandum below:

Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office regulations re: Marketing and Promotional Activities (3 AAC 306.310,.770)

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