Missouri: Changes to Marijuana Packaging Rules

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The state of Missouri has made some significant changes to their marijuana packaging rules. These new rules are effective now however, authorities are allowing a grace period until January 31, 2024 for license holders to comply with these changes. New changes to these packaging rules was not without push back though from Marijuana License holders who are potentially out of pocket for packaging, design, & branding that will no longer be in compliance with these new rules. 

Missouri is following suit to other states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, & New Jersey which have taken a hard-lined approach to “plain packaging” of marijuana products.

The major changes to Missouri’s packaging laws are outlined below: 

(1) All marijuana products shall be produced, packaged, and labeled in a manner that protects public health and is not attractive to children.

A. limited colors, including a primary color as well as up to two (2) logos or symbols of a different color or colors, whether images or text, including brand, licensee, or company logos, provided that the widest part of a logo or symbol is no wider than the length or height, whichever is greater, of the word “Marijuana” on the packaging;

1. Unless alternative placement of “Marijuana” or the universal symbol has been approved by the department, all marijuana product shall be clearly and conspicuously labeled with “Marijuana” printed at least as large as any other words used, as well as a prominently displayed universal symbol in red and white print that consists of the following:

A. A diamond containing the letters “THC”;
B. The letter “M” located under the “THC” within the diamond; and
C. For infused products, the number of milligrams of THC in the package, placed directly under the diamond.

(2) Prior to use, all marijuana product designs, packaging designs, and label designs must be submitted to the department for review of compliance with section (1) of this rule.

(A) Submission must be made through a department provided, web-based system by the licensee that is responsible for ensuring compliant packaging and labeling, pursuant to section (3) of this rule.

(B) Within thirty (30) days of submission, the department will communicate in writing to the licensee whether the submission is complete.

1. If deemed incomplete, the department will identify reasons why it determined the submission is incomplete and will deny the application

2. If deemed complete, the submission will be approved or denied within sixty (60) days of the original submission.

(C) Once a design has been approved, the licensee will receive an approval number for the marijuana product, packaging, and label design, as a whole.

(6) Any violation of this rule shall be punishable by an appropriate and proportional department sanction, up to and including an administrative penalty of five thousand ($5000) dollars for each product/packaging category, identified by approval number, in which a requirement is violated.

For a copy of the rules, please refer to link below:


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