Oregon places hold on testing aspergillus

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The Oregon Appeals court has placed a 180-day hold on a new marijuana testing requirement for the mold aspergillus. The new lab-testing requirement, if passed, would mean a zero-tolerance policy on all cannabis material & products containing any amounts of aspergillus. If imposed, this would result in the mandated destruction of all cannabis containing any level of aspergillus by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission.

Cultivators throughout the state of Oregon have pushed back on this new testing requirement claiming that implementation of this new rule would put many cultivators out of business. Aspergillus is a microscopic mold that is considered to be harmless to most people but can cause serious respiratory infections to people who are immunocompromised.

Cannabis cultivators won a victory earlier this month when the judges ruled in their favor placing a temporary block on the new rule. The temporary block went into effect immediately and many cultivators gave a sigh of relief at the outcome of the Oregon Appeals Court.

For more information regarding this temporary hold, please see Press Release Statement from the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission:

OLCC- Hold lifted on cannabis products with detected Aspergillus mold

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